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GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan of Soulful House Nation interviews, 'First Choice' The Living Legends. You know them for Doctor Love, Love Thang and Let No Man Put Asunder'!!! #DJdandan #SoulfulHouseNation #FirstChoice
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan is with special guest, SHAKIMA FORD (CREDIT REPAIR SPECIALIST). What to do to build, maintain and/or repair credit. Find out some of the most common mistakes people make. Don't let this happen to you. Please watch, like, comment, TAG 3 PEOPLE AND SHARE!!! Facebook - Shakima D Ford Instagram - Shakima_the_ceo phone - 860-996-1422
This video gives viewers an overview about #mortgages#.
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan from Soulful House Nation brings you Anaya Weathers, 'This Man' ( Her song is being remixed and she has a lot more coming. Find out what's up. Plz Like, Comment, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!! Born in GA, raised in The Bricks AKA Newark, NJ, Anaya grew up in an extremely religious household, where her father is a pastor. Anaya also comes from a musically talented family, with uncles recording R&B back in the 70’s and being members of gospel recording bands like the Mighty Royal Travelers in the 70’s and 80’s. Her maternal grandparents met on the Chitlin Circuit-grandmother was discovered at a very young age as a singer and grandfather played piano. Anaya graduated from the prestigious Arts High School, where she studied music. Throughout the years she has participated in and won some talent shows, open mics - she’s sang at weddings and other events. Get to know this artist, she has a beautiful spirit, heart and soul. #AnayaWeathers #ThisMan #SoulfuHouseNation #Djdadan
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! SPECIAL EDITION - DJ dan dan presents, MONIQUE LATISE, comedienne extraordinaire and NOW, the comedy club owner. If u ever had a DREAM, u have to watch this interview. She is the first African American woman to open a comedy club in the HiSTORY of New Jersey. Listen to her journey Plz Like, Comment, SHARE & SUBCRIBE!!! #SoulfulHouseNation #MoniqueLatise #DjDanDan #HouseMusic
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ Dan Dan is with special guest, AAron K Gray. He is back from his European tour. Plz watch, l Like, Comment, AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
#GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! #DJ dan dan of Soulful House Nation is with #Ricky Clark, #Gary Saleem, #Kervyn Mark & #Steve Davis! Watch this first-ever #Soulful House Press Conference!!! Plz watch, like, comment, TAG 3 PEOPLE AND SHARE!!! #GetReady#GetReady#GetReady #DJdan dan #SoulfulHouseNation #Ricky Clark, #Gary Saleem, #Kervyn Mark & #Steve Davis!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dDan Danan of Soulful House Nation hosted a 'ONCE IN A LIFETIME' SHOW WITH THE HOUSE MUSIC PREDECESSORS, 'MARK IV DISCO'. Starting in 1972 before Zanzibar, Docks, Club Sensation and the outdoor festivals, they set the model for today's great indoor and outdoor events. Here is an exclusive, special live interview with Mark IV Disco. This is real-life history. Plz Like. Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE!!! #soulfulhousenation #MarkIV #djdandan
#GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! #Kim Beachem is our special guest in a #SPECIAL EDITION of #Soulful House Nation. She is a #recording artist with hits going back to #1992. She has #new music and new #projects, including a community service project with #Barbara Tucker. Plz , Comment, LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE!!! #SoulfuHouseNation,#KimBeachem, #Singer
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan from Soulful House Nation with Special Guest, Shelise Whitley, LMT (licensed massage therapist). She will share some techniques to relax and relieve stress. Plz Like, SHARE!!! Facebook: dan shiver or soulful house nation
#GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! #MoMoTV and #Soulful House Nation team up to address 2 #BURNING ISSUES: #Are there too many House Music Events and Should We Have to #Pay to Get Into #Soulful House Events? We will have a full #discussion on #10/5/19 at 11a on #Facebook Live. This will be a #live, #interactive discussion. Plz #Thumbs Up, #Comment, & #SHARE!!!
#Shelise is a #massage therapist She shares what she does and what is #needed for most. Also, she says what one of the #biggest issues are for most people. She was a #sponsor at the #SMB Ent Group #Closeout (9/13 - 9/15/19) #Weekender. Plz watch, like, #comment, AND #SHARE!!!
#Shakima Ford is a #credit repair specialist and she helps people get out of #debt. In addition, she offers a #business opportunity in that field. Shakima shares a bit of info about what she does and how you can reach her. She was a #sponsor at the #SMB Entertainment #Group #Closeout #Weekender in #Berry Lane Park (#Jersey City). #Plz watch, like, comment and share!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan of Soulful House Nation Community with Special Guest MsYazz is a recovering addict who is sober and advocating for women to overcome addiction. Her addiction of choice was alcohol. She tells of her early childhood and takes us on the journey to addiction, through addiction and how she made it out. Ms. Yazz' story is inspiring, educational and powerful; but in the end, she says that you can overcome addiction too. Her organization is R.O.A.R. (Reach Out Addiction Recovery). The website:
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan of SHN welcomes DJ & PRODUCER, Jihad Muhammad. We will talk about everything from deejaying to producing, his prediction of Soulful House and his NEW ALBUM, ‘MOVEMENT SOUL’.
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan interviews Dawn Tallman, the 'Queen of Gospel Energy' and her manager, Glenn Thornton. She details her gospel background and her leap into Gospel House. Glenn also relates his story and their relationship. Plz, Like, Comment, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ Dan Dan of SHN is with John Jackson, manager of Aaron K Gray. John shares what a GOOD MANAGER DOES AND HIS SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH AARON!!! He gives his FORECAST WHERE HOUSE MUSIC IS GOING!!! WE play his UNRELEASED TRACK, 'JESUS' AND TALK about AARON'S NEW ALBUM, 'A JOURNEY INTO HOUSE'!!!…/11843.... Plz Like, Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE!!!
Let’s go!! #Jay Perez interview with #DJ DanDan of #Soulful House Nation Like, Share & SUBSCRIBE
#GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! #DJ dan dan of #Soulful House Nation (Our Community)l interviews our special guest, #LaMarvin Bell. He is the #Assistant Program Director at #Newark Renaissance House (#Lincoln University); and he will discuss challenges, solutions and resources available to people, family and friends of people who suffer from #mental illness and #addiction. Plz #watch, #like, #comment, #SUBSCRIBE AND #SHARE!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan with Soulful House Nation is with CHARLES McDougald, ‘THE BLACK KNIGHT’. Plz watch, like, comment, SUBSCRIBE
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ DAN DAN coming to you with CARMEN BROWN, the international gospel house artist sensation. LISTEN TO HOW SHE CAME TO DO HER MISSION FROM GOD!!! Plz, Like, Comment, SHARE!!! & SUBSCRIBE!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan from Soulful House Nation with special guest Sultan and his wife, Alice share their life journey from struggle to triumph. During the course of things, they got into the entertainment business. Now they run an entertainment company that caters to the soulful house community. Each year they put on four events that bring out thousands of people. Plz watch, like, share, comment and subscribe!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan from Soulful House Nation coming to you with Adam Cruz, husband, dad, Author, Deejay, Writer, Record label owner, Singer, and Promoter. Plz, Like, Comment, and Share!!! & SUBSCRIBE!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! Like, Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE #NuNu has graced the #dance floor since the late #1980s. Her energy rocked in New Jersey's signature #Club Zanzibar, #Black Box, #Club 88, #Brokers, #Cosmos, #Sir Richard's and NY hot spots #Les Poulez, #Nells, #Mars and #Carbon. In the #mid-90s, NuNu lent her magnetic presence to events by #Showmen Entertainment and #DeeJay Ran. After a 6 year hiatus, NuNu returned to the dance floor to dance, #promote parties and then produce her own events, in conjunction with #Charles McDougald (#MACJAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC.) and #Rich Leon (#Zanzibar's Own Light Man, #Chino) of #Ideal Restaurant & Bar, igniting the dance floor with "#A Dancer's Dream" with #DJs Darnell #Kindred Spirit & #Naeem Johnson on the last Friday of 2011 in true #House Music fashion and then again in March 2012 with "#3 The Hard Way".
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan of Soulful House Nation is bringing you the life and career of Ras Anthony 'UNPLUGGED'!!! He is the Emcee’s Emcee.
SMB OPENS MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AGAIN FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! This is ur main man, Sultan of SMB Ent Group, welcoming the new members and giving you a preview of what u can expect from ur new membership into the SMB family. MORE UPDATES TO COME!!!
glenn williams was the sound man for most of the soulful house events in northern nj & beyond. this is his last interview. it's a tribute to who he was. i thank his wife for giving us the go ahead to publish this tribute to a great sound man!!! Music in this video
Two breast cancer survivors share their powerful stories. they detail how they found out and what their reaction to discovering that had breast cancer. they also talk about the treatment and tips to follow. their stories continue about the treatment and the results of that treatment and why you are still beautiful despite the negative effects of chemo. it's a story of triumph as they journey thru the breast cancer experience.
#interview with #dj #wakeel ali.
interview with stacy kidd (international producer and deejay).
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! SOULFUL HOUSE NATION with dj dan dan brings u the full interview with KEISHA HALL. hear her story and why she is so SPECIAL. Make sure you get her new music ( --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch SOULFUL HOUSE NATION EVERY MONDAY from 1:10p - 3p. also, register on our website for free ( and our fan page and group (soulful house nation). plz watch, like, comment, TAG 3 PEOPLE and SHARE!!!
DJtee talks about his journey into Soulful House, where it is and where he sees it going. he also, gives us his perspective on the technology. plz watch, comment and share!!!
GET READY!!! GET READY!!! GET READY!!! DJ dan dan of Soulful House Nation gives EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with DJ Chill X
get updates and interviews with the top soulful house artists/singers, deejays, producers and dancers every week from 1:10p - 3p.
History of Soulful House Music
dj hippie torrales was the first deejay to play at the legendary night club called zanzibar (newark). he also opened club 88 in east orange. he was an amazing deejay then and he is an amazing deejay now (40 years later). he is an artist, producer and deejay. listen to his story and his take on soulful house music!!!
Vangela Crowe Perry interviews on shn radio. she sings, writes and loves basketball. she has a musician's ear and can really sing, listen to her interview as she describes her musical journey!!!
interview with dj broadway out of new york. join us; watch us; like us; comment; tag; share and follow us on Facebook, Instagram (soulful house nation) & twitter. register for free on our website -
mattano park elizabeth - special thanx to nj house music festival - chris nelson (citizens going forward goodwill house festival); dawud johnson (live in the mix) and zaykeya thomas coles (new jersey festivals, events and sounds) - t wise - ubiquity soul announces the first of 4 events on 6/16/18 at military park in newark
dj t-wise is one of the premier SOULFUL HOUSE deejays in the nj - ny metro area. his brand, t wise (ubiquity soul) has been around for quite a few years. he is an independent thinker and he runs independent events. he explains how he got started and he tells the three ways to separate the audience.
dj dan dan interviews kervyn mark, one of the biggest deejays in the soulful house community. listen to his journey as he starts from the seventies (70s) til today. check out for free registration and go to soulful house nation (Facebook fan page).